About Me

Think Forensics was created by Debbie Bouffler to help businesses to “Think” about existing lead generation and take the opportunity to ask vital questions about “How, What, When, Why and Where” . Being a Lead Generation Specialist, Debbie is able to assist with lead management and help to move leads through the buying cycle.

Looking at online channels for lead generation is what Debbie does best. With her passion for marketing she is able to use the latest technologies, her knowledge as well as over 15 years’ experience to help others understand the truth and deliver both an appropriate and managed marketing approach for her clients.

Being an active member of theĀ Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Debbie holds Chartered Marketer status. Debbie previously spent over 3 years as a committee member for the CIM Hampshire and IOW branch and was acknowledged by the CIM with a Volunteer Award for outstanding contribution in February 2014.

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